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As a serious NHL bettor you are always in search of ways ensuring that you get to win consistently. This article looks at a few complex NHL bets that can propel your wagering to another level.

1. Value Betting

Value NHL betting is one of the major conceptions pertaining to modern NHL bets. The process involved in value betting entails betting on a particular outcome which has better odds than your winning chances. Essentially, you are betting on an event which is more likely to do than is apparent in the odds.

Therefore, finding good value bets requires knowing how to correctly estimate the probability of every outcome. It is not easy to accomplish this; however, there are several ways one can do it by using tools such as advanced analytic and statistical models.

Upon comprehending the chances, you move on to find bets that are in your favor. This is an example where if you think about how some team with 40% chances but money line odds for +300; it’s still a good bet.

2. Bankroll Management

Bankroll management another vital element during advanced NHL betting. It involves careful handling of your available capital to allow gambling for a lengthy period.

Good bankroll management strategy is essential as it allows you to avoid bankruptcy despite experiencing a run of bad luck. You should play for long until you reach a point where you have increased chances of hitting wins that will earn you a lot of money while in successive wins.

The first and key rule in bankroll management is not to risk more money on gambling than one can afford to lose. It is also important that you allocate betting bankroll and you should never use your living expenses for this.

3. Live Betting

Another good option that works great in this regard is live betting. Live betting is placing bets on a game that has already begun.

The odds continually change during live betting and this could also offer opportunities for you to find value wagers. Alternatively, it may be an excellent strategy for placing bets or securing gains.

Nonetheless, betting live is risky and needs fast decision making. Make sure that you understand the game and the different teams in it before you start with real time gambling.

4. Advanced Analytics

The phenomenon of advanced analytics has been emerging as the most dominant in contemporary sports betting industry. Statistical information assists advanced analytics in predicting game results.

Many sophisticated analytics businesses cater for sports gamblers. There are several companies that offer users different kinds of data that should help them in making informed betting choices.

Complex calculi, for example, advanced statistics analysis, is a really useful stuff for NHL punters. On the one hand, such instrument is very powerful in analyzing the data but at the same time, one needs to apply it with a responsible approach while understanding its constraints too.

5. Finding an Edge

In the end, every serious advanced bettor in NHL aims for finding an advantage. The edge is a characteristic of some kind, which can help you to beat the sportsbooks.

Various methods in finding an edge for the NHL betting. Advanced analytics can be used as one solution. The other method is by developing an insight into the game and the teams that are playing.

Other options could include searching for edges by betting for niche markets through arbitrageurs or by taking advantages from available sports-books bonuses.


NHL is a highly lucrative venture but can also prove to be quite costly in the end. Any genuine business person in NHL betting should be prepared to spare sufficient time to research on issues to do with the game and come up with sophisticated betting plans. 

Adopting these tips will help you boost the results from NHL betting

Here are some additional tips for advanced NHL bettors:

However, let me remind you that betting is risky behavior with no guarantee of success. Remember always to bet responsively and within your budget.

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