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Frenkie de Jong is not only an excellent football player, but an artist on the field. He has continuously created impressive works of art for enthusiasts Xoilac TV. Let’s admire the artistic space that Frenkie de Jong opens, where every shot, every dribbling situation is not only technical, but also the language of passion and art.

Some introductions about player Frenkie de Jong

Frenkie de Jong, full name Franciscus de Jong, is one of the biggest talents in world football, making his name stand out in the international soccer industry. Born on May 12, 1997 in Gorinchem, Netherlands, Frenkie de Jong quickly became a youth icon and is known for the Dutch national team and FC Barcelona.

De Jong stands out for his flexible and creative playing style, especially in the midfield position, where he demonstrates excellent ball retention, the ability to adjust well to the match situation, and his fish-keeping skills. pinnacle. His intelligence in reading the game and ability to provide accurate passes made him an irreplaceable pillar for many of the teams he played for.

Frenkie de Jong’s breakthrough came when he moved from Ajax to Barcelona in 2019, making him one of the Spanish club’s key central players. His ability to skillfully combine attack and defense has created exceptional passes and leaps, and contributed to Barcelona’s success in all competitions.

Blocking Frenkie de Jong’s impressive career

Frenkie de Jong’s career journey is an impressive and successful one, from his first steps on the field in the Netherlands to becoming one of the world’s top midfielders.

The starting journey at Ajax (2015-2019)


Frenkie de Jong began his unique career journey at the famous Dutch football club, Ajax Amsterdam. With his excellence and intelligence in the way he plays, he immediately became the center of attention. During his time with Ajax, de Jong not only enriched the team’s trophy museum but also proved his position in the Eredivisie tournament.

The 2018-2019 season became an important breakthrough in de Jong’s career when he and his teammates created an exciting adventure in the UEFA Champions League. Reaching the semi-finals of this prestigious tournament is not only a personal success but also an affirmation of Ajax’s strength and innovation in competing in the European arena.

Those were the first steps of Frenkie de Jong, a journey full of promise and a symbol of talent and commitment in the world of football as well as for the fans XoilacTV.

Joined FC Barcelona (2019-present)

After the transfer deals full of expectations, Barcelona officially welcomed Frenkie de Jong in the summer of 2019, with a transfer deal with an impressive amount of money. From the first days, he quickly became a big highlight at Nou Camp with his flexibility and excellent technique.

At Barcelona, ​​de Jong is not only an excellent player but also one of the important pillars of the midfield. His intelligent and diverse playing ability not only helps maintain impressive attacking play but also contributes to stability and control of the match. De Jong’s combination of offensive and defensive abilities has made him a guarantee of Barcelona’s success in many competitions.

Not only contributing personally, Frenkie de Jong is also an important factor contributing to creating a strong, unified and ambitious Barcelona in the new era. His journey at the Catalan team is a story of immersion in a world of heights and constant efforts to reach new heights.

The personal success achieved by Frenkie de Jong

Through promising years in his football career, Frenkie de Jong is not only an outstanding talent but also the owner of many prestigious and prestigious individual awards. His intelligent play and refined technique have made him a symbol of excellence in the world of soccer.

In particular, the fact that he was selected into the excellent squads of many important tournaments is a testament to Frenkie de Jong’s class and great influence. He has continuously participated in the representative squads of prestigious tournaments such as UEFA Champions League, La Liga, and even in the Dutch national team shirt.

Not only that, Frenkie de Jong is also on the list of candidates and sometimes even wins the “Best Player” award in annual award events. This recognition is not only a matter of personal pride but also the pride of the fans and the team he represents.


With a variety of playing styles, fine adjustments, and strong team spirit, Frenkie de Jong is not only a great player on the field but also a symbol of solidarity and passion on the field. soccer world. Each of his matches is an opportunity for fans Xoilac TV – witness efficiency and class.

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